Warming up and its importance before training

Warming up is performing a series of movements to prepare our muscles and joints before strength work to prevent serious injuries.

How to start to warming up?

Set up in your training area, and start from the head. Work your way up to the feet doing small exercises, without adding resistance or strength.

That is, start doing movements from side to side with the head, down to the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Then you move to the waist legs, knees and finish with the ankles and toes.

Preparing your body will help improve mobility during the workout. This will prepare it for the strength exercises, so you avoid injury.


Warming up is nothing more than gentle, progressive activity of muscles and joints to gradually increase body temperature, improve blood supply to tissues and fine-tune neuromuscular coordination and response, as well as cardiac conditions.

It will also help you become familiar with the exercises you will perform in the workout, since many times, the warm-up includes the same exercises but with the difference of doing them with few repetitions and without adding weight or resistance.

Avoid and prevent the risk of injury due to these sudden and drastic changes resulting in optimal body function.


Whenever you wish to engage in moderate or high intensity physical activity you should start with a warm-up. 5 minutes is enough.

Now you know how to avoid injury. Even if you are lazy don’t forget to always prepare your body before you start your workout.

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