Muscle growth: reasons that affect it

Muscle growth is related to a lifestyle where exercise and good health are a fundamental part of the daily routine.

When improving our physical appearance, it is common to question ourselves about the development of our muscles and their daily evolution.

When our goal is to improve the body, we always have a stage where we wonder why muscle growth is no longer as before, if we train properly.

Sometimes we overlook basic and essential actions, which, if not taken into account, undermine the results of our effort. For this reason, we mention some basic actions that you should take into account in order not to affect your muscular evolution:

Sleep well

This is due to growth hormone. It is present in the deep sleep stage, which is achieved by having an optimal rest of 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Getting good sleep is part of training.

Insufficient protein

Foods high in protein are an essential part of muscle growth. That is why it is important to have an adequate supply of protein for our muscles to grow. If this does not happen, they will be affected by the wear and tear of daily exercise.

Too much cardio

Cardiovascular exercises are excellent for good health. So, when training for muscle growth, it is important to know at what time of the workout it is appropriate to do it.

One of the basic recommendations is to include it in the final part of the workout and as a HIIT exercise.


Muscle failure is important, but equally important is to rest. In addition, growth occurs when our body is less fatigued, so adequate, but not excessive, training can give you better results.

Therefore, rest is essential.

Stress and cortisol

Stress is the worst enemy in a workout, as it generates anxiety and increased cortisol. This means increased appetite and fat accumulation.

In other words, a high amount of stress puts your health and muscle growth at risk.

No carbohydrates

The evolution is daily and lifelong. Therefore, you must include them in your diet. Carbohydrates provide us with glycogen, which gives us enough energy to train hard.

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