Testosterone and its importance in sports

Testosterone is involved in the regulation of metabolism. For that reason a healthy metabolism is vital for weight control, maintaining sufficient energy levels throughout the day or having a good mood.

Its use is important in making muscle fibers grow and become stronger. Also muscles are the most energy-consuming organ in the body, and with a good level of this hormone, metabolic activity improves.

What is metabolism?

It is the chemical and biological changes of the cells in all living beings. Because of it we convert food into energy that helps the body to perform all its functions.

Testosterone effects on sports

The minimum amount of energy required to maintain all vital processes in men is much higher than in women. For this reason, men tend to develop muscle mass very easily.

Consequently, and knowing that muscles are the tissue that consume the most energy, men will spend up to 30% more calories when doing sports.

This basically means that thanks to the endocrine system and testosterone, you can get in great shape with just a little perseverance.

Men suffering from a hormonal deficit quickly see their physical capacities diminished. Also muscle weakness, loss of energy or strength are just some of the symptoms of this hormonal imbalance, which is directly related to a decrease in sporting abilities.

Body benefits

Improved fatigue control:

Avoid feeling tired after training. Also helps you recover faster.

Helps to increase muscle mass:

Without a good level of testosterone it becomes difficult to increase muscle mass. Because of that It supports muscle growth and development.

Maintenance of solid bones:

Good levels of this hormone help to strengthen bones.

Increased sexual vigor:

Increases sexual desire and improves sexual performance.

Sports improvements

  • A high performance athlete needs to generate a lot of strength and power, which will cause a constant loss of energy.
  • Athletes use a variety of this hormone to improve performance. This allows them to reduce muscle damage from long-duration workouts by helping them recover quickly and improving the appearance of their muscles.
  • It is recommended that doctors monitor the use and evaluate the levels present in each athlete.
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