Sports Pharmacology: where to start

Sports pharmacology is becoming increasingly common as part of the training of those who are serious about exercise in order to increase muscle mass and athletic performance.

For many athletes, using sports pharmacology to improve their training performance or muscle gain is the starting point for increased performance and achieving their goals.

For some athletes, a special diet may be the deciding factor, others may rely on stress reduction or hypnosis to alter their psychological states.

Trying certain medications or hormones has also been the answer for the training goals they set when starting out.

Ergogenic Aid

An Ergogenic Aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances the performance of an athlete.

Some athletes experiment with substances hoping to achieve a slight improvement in performance regardless of the possible harmful consequences. Therefore, it is important to talk to your doctor before taking any medication to learn how to use it correctly.

They should also talk to a doctor to find out what dosage they should take. If there are any side effects and how these might affect their sports.

Pharmacology also includes learning about the use of supplements, as well as any supplements used to enhance athletic performance.

Pharmacology is rarely sufficient to treat sports injuries. Pain and inflammation can also be treated with rest, ice, immobilization, compression, splints and elevation.

There are medications that can mask pain, but risk causing further injury. For more severe or ongoing problems, athletes should talk to their doctor about further diagnostic testing and additional treatment options.

In general, if athletes need to take medications to play, they should consult a physician.

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