Gym recommendations: do your best

These are the gym recommendations if you have proposed to start working your body and continue to attend. The following tips will help you train well and not give up.

If you have just joined the gym and want to achieve a regular training that allows you to be in shape, an abrupt start, poor planning or other mistakes that you can easily avoid are your main enemies, so consider the following tips to start in the right way:


If you are spending your first few days in the gym, you will probably find yourself a bit disoriented and not knowing where to start. If you try to train alone you can fall into serious mistakes that may harm the achievement of your goals.

So ask for assistance, approach a professional and explain what you are looking for, your goals and your long-term desires.

Prioritize technique

Losing patience when starting out in the gym and wanting to do everything everyone else does or lift heavy weights is a big mistake. So the first thing is always to get a good workout technique.


If you arrive late you will leave later, because you cannot work at a faster speed and get the same results. Above all, in your beginnings, you need to be patient and dedicate time to your training by contemplating the route, execution and rest of each movement.

Don’t forget to rest

Aunque en un At first you will want to move fast and you may try to go to the gym every day. Even so, you should know that your body needs rest. That’s why training for a long time and every day is a serious mistake.

Don’t compare yourself

To get off to a good start in the gym and not die trying, it is essential that you do not look around you and pretend to do the same, that is, you must avoid comparisons.

From looking the same to lifting the same weight, training at the same speed or with the same exercises can be detrimental if you are just starting out in the gym. Therefore, it is best to focus on the routine you have been given, to get a good technique and to grow little by little to put aside the role of beginner.

Avoid distractions

Going to the gym often involves not only training, but also socializing and meeting colleagues who motivate us to keep going day after day. However, when it’s time to work out, it’s best to avoid distractions.

Remember to warm up and stretch

Warming up and stretching are also part of training. They offer you advantages in every exercise, plus they help you prevent injuries and see better results.

Proper diet

Attending the gym will not do the job alone, but diet is the pillar that should always accompany training. In this way, our body performs at its best and also gets more and better results.

So, remember to take care of your diet so that your training gives the desired results.

These gym recommendations will help you to continue training and not give up.

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